IncubatorWorks Celebrates 30 Years of Entrepreneurship and Innovation


On November 14th Alfred University Drone Club students and faculty helped IncubatorWorks celebrate 30 years of entrepreneurship and innovation at their Alfred NY location.

IncubatorWorks is a resource for business startups and expansions in the Southern Tier of New York. From ideation, to testing, to limited production, to full manufacturing – they help by offering advanced technologies, flexible manufacturing infrastructure, and professional mentoring.

With two locations [Alfred and Corning], their mission is to help entrepreneurs start or grow businesses in a cost effective, supportive environment until the business is ready to graduate to its own dedicated space.

As part of Start-Up NY and in partnership with the Southern Tier Startup Alliance and the Western NY Regional Hot Spot, IncubatorWorks provides the most comprehensive business and manufacturing ‘incubator’ network in the region. This network provides direct support and services from the following universities and colleges: Alfred State College, Alfred University, Binghamton University, Cornell University, Clarkson University, Corning Community College, SUNY Fredonia and the University of Buffalo.

Change Wind Corp: New Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with New Technologies and Low Costs from Mass Production

On Friday, November 10th the management of Change Wind Corporation  spoke to potential investors, scientists, professionals, and academics via teleconference about their firm and market strategy.  AU students had access to that call.

Change Wind Corporation (“CWC”) is a six (6) year old self-funded developer of advanced electricity generating wind turbine technology. What makes the CWC 36kW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) unique are it’s advanced technologies (several patents) and its focus on high-tech, low-cost mass production. The results: a new standard in low-cost, high performance wind energy.

The 36kW VWAT has been designed and engineered to generate electricity in light breezes as little as six miles per hour and makes 36 kilowatts power in only a twelve (12) mile per hour wind. Standing only 30ft or 42ft tall and light weight, the helical winged turbine can generate power from turbulent air in any direction, and can produce power from short duration wind gusts. The high lift, low drag wings and the friction reducing balancing system (patented) are key designs that allow the CWC turbine to outperform competing renewable energy generation.

For additional informationr contact Gelvin at

Southern Tier CA$H at AU for the Community Involvement Fair/Internship & Volunteer Fair


Southern Tier CA$H was at Alfred University’s Community Involvement Fair/Internship & Volunteer Fair today the Powell Campus Center.

Southern Tier CA$H (Creating Assets, Savings and Hope) is an IRS sponsored Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, led by Arbor Housing and Development, offering free tax help for low-to-moderate income families and individuals, persons with disabilities, the elderly, and limited English speaking taxpayers who need assistance in preparing their own tax returns. IRS-certified volunteers provide free basic income tax return preparation with electronic filing to qualified individuals.

This was a great opportunity for AU students to meet with them and to discuss how the students can increase their opportunities. Not only do students get to assist the local community with a much needed tax service, the students also can put their classroom knowledge to good use and improve their resume.

ACCT371 Guest Speakers: Southern Tier CA$H Program (VITA)


Rebecca Sterlace and Heather Scherb will speak about the Southern Tier CA$H (Creating Assets, Savings and Hope) program and their IRS sponsored Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program.  Their program is led by Arbor Housing and Development, offering free tax help for low-to-moderate income families and individuals, persons with disabilities, the elderly, and those limited English speaking taxpayers who need assistance in preparing their own tax returns. IRS-certified volunteers provide free basic income tax return preparation with electronic filing to qualified individuals.

CA$H volunteers prepare both your federal and state tax returns, and help taxpayers find tax credits for eligible taxpayers.

  • FREE – Using a paid preparer can cost $250 or more per person; the CA$H program costs nothing.
  • FAST – By e-filing and having your refund direct-deposited, you will receive your money quicker.
  • CONVENIENT – CA$H appointments are available at sites across the Southern Tier, and at times that work for you.
  • ACCURATE – CA$H volunteers are trained by IRS-approved specialists and must complete certification tests before completing any returns.
  • This is an opportunity to provided a much needed service to the community, and gain valuable practical experience that can enhance your chances for a summer internship or full-time job in an accounting or tax firm.

LAW241 Guest Speaker: Bill Rice, President / CEO of CerX LLC on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Mr. Bill Rice, President / CEO of CerX LLC spoke to Alfred University students today on the topic of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and other international business topics.

He shared his international business experiences regarding the legal challenges of doing business in Europe, India, Russia, China, and other nations where the business and social cultures are very different from that of the United States.

Vertimass LLC: Huge Advances Bringing Ethanol into the Main Stream


On Friday, October 13 from 8:30am to 10:00am the management of Vertimass LLC spoke to potential investors, scientists, professionals, academics, and to AU students via teleconference about their firm and strategy.

Vertimass is commercializing a novel catalyst technology that overcomes several barriers that have prevented ethanol from taking over a much larger share of the liquid fuel market. Vertimass’s ethanol can be used in jet fuel and heavy-duty vehicles and, most significantly, does not have to be capped at 10% of the automotive mix. Plus, Vertimass’s ethanol is fungible with petroleum fuels for transport via existing pipelines.

Most fuel ethanol is currently produced from starch in the United States and cane sugar in Brazil, and new technologies are emerging for ethanol production from cellulosic biomass such as wood, grasses, and agricultural and forestry residues. However, most ethanol in the United States is used as 10% blends with gasoline, and current U.S. ethanol production has virtually saturated that market as a result of the “blend wall.” In addition, ethanol’s properties make it ill-suited for air transportation or powering heavy-duty vehicles. Ethanol also suffers from concerns about its compatibility with the existing fuel infrastructure. Thus, even though ethanol is the lowest cost alternative fuel, these factors present a major impediment to expanding production and overall growth in production of sustainable transportation fuels.

To solve these problems, Vertimass LLC, was awarded the exclusive license to a novel catalyst technology developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory for conversion of ethanol into jet fuel, diesel fuel, and gasoline hydrocarbon blend stocks that are compatible with the current transportation fuel infrastructure. This technology allows ethanol producers the flexibility to make other fuel products that can take advantage of market conditions and break through the ethanol blend wall. Additionally, this simple operation can be bolted onto existing or grass roots ethanol plants with very low capital and operating costs while providing fuel flexibility and possibly replacing dehydration and rectification operations.

For further information please contact Gelvin Stevenson, PhD at